What happens during a terminal installation?

What happens during a terminal installation?

What happens during a terminal installation?

Upon successfully applying for a Handepay card machine, all customers are eligible for free engineer installation. You’ll be contacted by our dedicated terminal installation company to arrange a suitable date and time.

Customers should ensure that any existing terminals are removed from internet or dial up ports to make way for your new card machine. The space where the terminal is to be installed should be tidy and accessible, making sure that it is an appropriate work area.

On the date of the installation, you will receive a courtesy call from your engineer when they are en route to site. To minimise the downtime of card payment services at a business, the installation itself only averages between ten and fifteen minutes.

The engineer follows a five step process upon arrival at the business site, to ensure a safe and secure installation.

Installation Image

  1. Inspect

The engineer inspects the installation area to make sure that it is a safe environment to work in

  1. Install

The new terminal is installed within ten to fifteen minutes

  1. Test

Checks are performed on all new chip and PIN machines installed to ensure that everything is working correctly

  1. Train

The engineer teaches you how to accept payments on your new terminal, alongside performing actions like end of day procedures

  1. Approve

The installation is signed off by you, and a PIN is entered on the card payment machine to confirm

When at the site, the engineer will provide you with card scheme stickers for the window so potential customers will be aware that your business is now accepting card payments. A support number is provided on the inside casing of all terminals, it is a local number which does not incur high costs.

Handepay can help customers save up to 50% on their current card processing fees, and with our easy switch service a new card terminal can be installed with minimal disruption to business. Get a quote today to see what your business could save.