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accepting card payments

We’re a dynamic provider of low cost merchant services to businesses of all sizes throughout the UK making accepting card payments more affordable.

Mobile payments

Mobile payments and mobile banking continues to grow in the UK

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Tips for choosing the right card machine for your business

How to choose the right card machine for business growth

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Secure Payment Service

How businesses can reduce the risk of fraud with a secure payment service

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Credit and Debit Surcharge Ban

Credit and debit surcharge ban: is your business affected?

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Online Payments

Boost your profits by accepting online payments

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Small Business Saturday Competitive

Small Business Saturday: How your company can stay competitive with big brands

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PCI DSS Business Compliant

PCI DSS: is your business compliant?

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union jack

UK becomes third most cashless society in the world

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Macmillan Coffee Morning

Handepay take part in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

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