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We’re a dynamic provider of low cost merchant services to businesses of all sizes throughout the UK making accepting card payments more affordable.

Small Business Advice

Small business advice: 4 simple tips to improve customer satisfaction in your hair salon

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handepay price challenge

What is the Handepay Price Challenge?

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handepay easy switch

What is Handepay Easy Switch?

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chip and pin

Contactless card payments increase by 237% in 2016

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image of card

Chip and PIN: 10 years of payment advances

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UK Contactless Spending Reaches a Record 1 Billion

UK contactless spending reaches a record £1 billion

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EVO Payments signs UK reseller deal with Handepay

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UK payment market

Handepay starts revolution in UK payments industry

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card machine

Five tips to get started with business credit card processing

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