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We’re a dynamic provider of low cost merchant services to businesses of all sizes throughout the UK making accepting card payments more affordable.

Card Payments On the Go

Take card payments on the go with mobile merchant credit card processing

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JB Richardsons Bakery

Customer Spotlight – JB Richardson’s Bakery

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apple pay

Apple Pay set to launch on 14th July 2015

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cashless street

Card payment services are best for business, say “Cashless Street” retailers

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card machine

BBC makes Cashless Street the focus for contactless

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handepay group image

Donation buys new equipment for OAP group

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Cashless Street

Plastic only experiment for shoppers on ‘cashless street’

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Handepay group image

Handepay Merchant Services expands into new office space

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Card machine

New pricing plan launched for card payments for small business

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