If your e-commerce turnover has increased recently, it’s important to carry out a payment gateway comparison to ensure you’re on the best rates possible.

When first launching your e-commerce website, it is difficult to make an accurate projection of future online turnover. This can make it tough to carry out an accurate payments gateway comparison and to negotiate the best transaction costs for your business.

If you don’t compare payment gateway providers accurately, you could harm your profit margins. Initially, your profits will see an uplift due to the additional revenue stream, but high payment gateway charges could damage your takings. Whether you are on a percentage-based rate or fixed fee per transaction, you could be paying too much for online payment processing.

If you’ve started seeing increases in your e-commerce turnover, it’s vital that you carry out a payment gateway comparison to help your business save money.

Parkitt Racing

Online motorcycle store, Parkitt Racing, were shocked by the results of their payment gateway comparison. Just by switching to Handepay, they saved 41% when processing transactions through their payment gateway.


“We were in the process of restructuring the business, trying to cut costs wherever possible. Our Handepay advisor saved us money on our card terminal costs, so we were pleased to discover that we could also submit our payment gateway statements to take part in the Price Challenge.

Other companies had tried to beat our payment gateway costs before and only made minimal savings. I was shocked when our advisor told us that we could save £98 per month by switching to Handepay!

Switching to use Handepay’s payment gateway was simple. We were able to complete the integration process ourselves in a matter of minutes!”

Handepay offer simple and cost-effective payment gateways and virtual terminals. With packages starting from as little as £9.99 per month, you could make huge savings by carrying out a payment gateway comparison.

What’s more, you can even submit your payment gateway statements to take part in the Handepay Price Challenge. We’re so confident in our pricing, if we can’t save you money we’ll give you £1,000!

Find out more about our payment gateway costs and see how much your business could save through carrying out a payment gateway comparison by talking to one of our friendly advisors today!