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Working in Handepay’s telesales team is a lot of fun, and the environment is relaxed but dedicated. We have a market-leading proposition, and we save independent business owners a considerable amount of money!


Our team are varied in experience, knowledge and background. Everyone’s down to earth and focused and there is a great sense of humour to be found! It's an outbound calling role following up on inbound leads, meaning there’s no 'hard-sell' techniques required. You'll be ethically selling our unique proposition - guaranteeing to save customers money. Where else could you guarantee your customers £1,000 if you can't better their existing prices? Secondly, you'll be earning fantastic uncapped commission and great rewards whilst genuinely helping small businesses.


On average, we save customers 36% and we make switching easy by supporting our customers and taking all the hassle away.


We’re looking for self-motivated sales people, hungry to earn money and open to new experiences. Anyone joining us will be coming into a high-performing but supportive team, with massive financial benefits.


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 “I’d heard good things about Handepay, so when I saw that they were advertising for telesales staff I decided to apply.

I’ve worked at all levels of sales, and the training I received at Handepay is the best I’ve ever had. It was so in depth, and even though I’ve never worked in the financial industry before I felt confident in the product after completing it. I couldn’t wait to get started!

I love it here! There’s a lot of hard work involved, but it’s a relaxed environment. The office has a fun atmosphere, and everyone is easy to get along with. No one is micromanaged, I can get on and do my job, and earn as much as I want thanks to the uncapped commission! I had only been here for four months, when I was awarded salesperson of the quarter.

I would definitely say that Handepay is the best company I’ve ever worked for. From the top down, everyone’s approachable and included, with personal events celebrated company-wide. I think that anyone with sales knowledge, who is looking for a new and rewarding challenge, should apply to work here!”




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“Handepay’s telesales team is the best I’ve ever worked in. There’s never a manager stood over you; we all have a job to do and if you get on with it everything’s fine. The sales targets are all achievable; I’ve managed to hit all my KPI’s for the past eight months! At the end of 2016, I won an incentive for achieving the highest sales figures over a period of three months, and was awarded £2,000. It’s amazing to know that the hard work you put in is recognised!

The company environment is fantastic, everyone is friendly, from directors down to new starters. Working with the team is always good, I actually find it enjoyable getting up for work in the morning. Karl knows what he’s doing and motivates the team, it’s great to be able to call him a boss and a friend.

I try to get involved with everything here, I am part of the fundraising committee and help to organise events for the Steve Prescott Foundation. I took part in Handepay’s Grand Final Walk with Karl and some of the team, walking from head office to Old Trafford. It was tough, but raising over £13,000 for the charity was a huge achievement.”


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