Accept card payments in over 30 currencies with Handepay

What is Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)?

Dynamic currency conversion allows international consumers the option to pay for goods and services in their own currency, allowing businesses to offer their customers the best shopping experience possible. This service can be added free of charge to any Handepay card machine that acquires through EVO.

How does it work?

DCC enabled card machines can automatically determine if an international card is being used. If it recognises a card with a compatible currency, it will prompt the customer to choose whether they want to pay in their own currency or GBP. If they choose to pay in their own currency, the Handepay card machine will calculate the converted total and display it on the screen. It will also print the exchange rates and service charges onto the receipt.


For example:

  1. A US customer makes a purchase from a UK retailerHP Final
  2. The terminal automatically recognises the American card, and offers the DCC service
  3. The customer opts to pay in dollars
  4. The terminal calculates the total amount in dollars using the current exchange rate
  5. The customer is billed in dollars and that amount shows on their statement
  6. The business settles in GBP as usual, and receives a 1% rebate

What are the benefits?

For you…

  • Improved experience for your international customers
  • Free of charge service
  • 1% of each transaction value carried out using dynamic currency conversion is rebated to you
  • Easy to use – your card machine automatically carries out the conversion process
  • Over 30 compatible international currencies, see full list here

For your customers…

  • Customers using DCC don’t receive currency conversion charges from their bank
  • The currency exchange rates update daily
  • Improved customer experience, they know how much they are paying in their own currency

How can my business accept payments using dynamic currency conversion?

Dynamic currency conversion can be added to any Handepay card machine that acquires through EVO Payments free of charge. If you would like to offer this service to your customers, contact our Customer Support team via email or phone 0333 005 0999.

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