How a bad Christmas delivery service can lose sales

How a bad Christmas delivery service can lose sales

UK consumers will spend nearly 12 million hours fixing online delivery problems this Christmas, a report from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau has found. Last year, shoppers faced almost five million Christmas delivery problems, experiencing issues with delayed or broken items, or parcels that never arrived.

The report showed that the main issues that customers faced were:

  • Trouble finding out where their parcel is
  • Unsure of who is responsible for delivery problems
  • Confusion over compensation for lost or damaged parcels

Avoid Christmas delivery problems affecting your business

This year, the last possible posting date for guaranteed Christmas delivery is Friday 23rd December, however as this is a special delivery option the price will be much higher. Don’t end up out of pocket by fulfilling expensive orders – make sure you adjust your delivery charges accordingly! Desperate gift-givers will be more inclined to pay higher delivery costs if it will solve their present problems.

According to Statistia, 16% of abandoned cart issues are due to a lack of suitable delivery options. Make sure that your e-commerce platform is updated to reflect your realistic Christmas delivery timescales, and include options such as next-day shipping to ensure that you grab those last-minute sales. Consider improving your payment options with a Handepay virtual terminal, and analyse your Christmas orders in real-time while saving money.

If you are sending out large amounts of orders, make sure that you are using a reputable courier system. The majority of these companies will make your busy December less stressful by collecting parcels directly from your office. They also have tracking systems, allowing customers to quickly and easily locate their order online. Your staff will thank you for the reduction of calls and emails about parcels!

Help your customers to avoid last-minute Christmas delivery worries

Earlier this year, it was reported that the standard of deliveries is one of the best ways to enhance your customers online shopping experience. A fantastic postage service, especially at the busiest time of the year, can set you miles apart from your competition, and increase the likelihood of repeat customers. Consider adding a personal touch to orders, such as Christmas cards or attractive packaging, to make your business stay memorable well into the New Year.

Make sure that you clearly advertise your last possible ordering dates for Christmas delivery on your website, or if you have a large database, send out an email reminder. This is a great way to get your customer’s attention, and a fantastic way to boost profits by advertising any last-minute deals they could get their hands on!

Find out who is liable for any damaged or lost parcels with any couriers or postage service your business uses. Many postage companies will have the option to insure each order against the most common issues for a fee. Decide whether paying that little bit extra on each delivery could save your business a fortune in refunds if any orders do unfortunately go missing. Adding a specific Christmas delivery FAQ section to your website, including help for any customers who have an issue, will reduce the amount of time spent directing customers to the courier.