Tips to guarantee your business runs smoothly in the countdown to Christmas

Tips to guarantee your business runs smoothly in the countdown to Christmas

Dependent on the industry you are working in, your business may either be beginning to slow down or be at the peak of its sales. When UK SMEs were asked about their most important things to prioritise in the lead up to Christmas closures, research revealed two key areas that business owners are focusing on.

Research has revealed a massive 54% of business owners focus on prioritising urgent tasks and projects. As the holiday season adds to increased opening hours and the amount of people taking their annual leave, your usual working week won’t be flowing as usual. Make sure you have reviewed your rotas so you have enough employees in to guarantee crucial tasks are completed with no disruptions.   

Another important area to focus on in the lead up to the holiday season is communication. Make sure your customers and clients are aware of offer and order deadlines to avoid disappointment. It’s vital to send out a clear communication, whether this is through an email, social media or seasonal letter, to notify your customers of your Christmas closures. 

Business owners are also focusing on making sure payments to staff are prepared. Are you offering your employees an early payment or a salary advance? If so, you need to make sure that all paperwork is submitted correctly to avoid any employees not receiving their wage on time.

The new year is a great time to review your business finances. A good place to start would be to look at your card processing costs as you could be paying too much due to additional hidden costs. Handepay offer a Price Challenge to businesses who submit their current statement for a price analysis, and if we can’t save you money we will give you £1,000!

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