Why you should ditch the business Christmas cards to improve customer loyalty in 2017!

Why you should ditch the business Christmas cards to improve customer loyalty in 2017!

Sending out business Christmas cards is a traditional way for company owners to show appreciation for their customers, and to make sure that they stay memorable into the new year. Whether you send them off to a printing company, or choose to hand-write your cards, it is a lengthy and costly exercise that takes up valuable time during a busy period.

This year, why not consider an alternative to sending business Christmas cards, and use one of these three online alternatives?


Whether you’ve decided to move away from business Christmas cards for eco-friendly or cost-saving purposes, a festive emailer is a quick and simple way to let your customers know your appreciation. Your target audience will be receiving lots of promotional offers in their inbox at this time of the year, so try to make your subject line less like a sales pitch. Make sure to follow email marketing best practice and keep it short, personalised and specific.

Why not offer your customers a free gift as a reward for their loyalty throughout the year? Studies have shown that 61% of customers that are given a gift card are more likely to spend more than the voucher’s limit. Giving your customers an incentive to spend money in the New Year is a great way to improve your profits.

Social Media

Facebook is influencing consumer’s spending habits, with 52% of both online and offline purchases influenced by the social media network. Your most loyal customers are more inclined to follow your social media networks, so why not treat these dedicated customers by offering a social-media only promotional offer? Even a small discount code will show your appreciation, and could help to boost sales at the start of 2017.

Even if you choose not to offer a discount to your customers, starting festive-themed discussions on your social media channels is the best way to market your brand in a positive light this Christmas. You are over 40 times more likely to receive social media engagement on visual content, so creating an interesting or helpful Christmas-themed graphic could serve as a useful alternative to your usual business Christmas cards.


Finally, why not consider doing something a bit different this Christmas? Creating a promotional video shows your appreciation to loyal customers, while adding the personal touch that business Christmas cards can’t. In 2015 alone, branded videos on YouTube received 20 billion views, and with predictions showing that 84% of internet traffic will be made up of visual content by 2018, can your business afford to miss out?

You may feel daunted at the thought of producing your own feature-length film, however studies have shown that short videos, under a minute long, are the most likely to be watched and engaged with. If this still seems like a mammoth task, consider creating a few GIFs to use on your social media pages. Typically only around 60 frames and a few seconds long, they are social-media friendly and likely to attract impulse shares, but will be less time consuming to create.