Two simple Easter promotions to increase social media engagement

Two simple Easter promotions to increase social media engagement

Every Easter, UK households spend around £75 on gifts for friends and family, with approximately 80 million chocolate eggs sold every year. While many large stores start their Easter promotions early, with customers spotting eggs in shops before Christmas 2016, it’s not too late for your business to get involved!

These days, many small business owners are using social media pages to interact with their clientele and improve sales. It’s a cost-effective way to build an interested customer base, without being burdened with the overheads of running a shop. It’s also becoming an important way for consumers to discover new brands and offers, with 45% of online shoppers across the world stating that their purchases are influenced by social media.

Even if your company doesn’t sell chocolate, it’s still possible to increase engagement on your social media channels over the next few weeks. Take a look at our simple Easter promotions to make sure you’ve got social media cracked this Easter!

Run a low-budget campaign on Facebook

Changes to Facebook’s pages service over the past few years means that fewer of your followers now see the content you share. While Facebook are trying to improve their user experience by only showing them relevant content, this makes it difficult to make your brand more noticeable online.

It is possible to increase the visibility of your posts on Facebook for free; if you can encourage people to like, share and comment on your content, their friends will also see it. However, it is difficult to encourage people to engage, and unless you are consistently posting quality content you may notice a decline in views.

However, Facebook do offer paid advertising options on their platform, allowing small businesses to promote their content on a budget. It’s a lot cheaper, and more simple, than pay per click (PPC) advertising, with minimum budgets starting at under a pound. You can create lots of different advert types, including different combinations of text, images and links, and set targeted goals, such as views, website visits, and page likes, depending on your aims.

This Easter, why not run your business’ first Facebook advertising campaign? Create an advert targeting potential customers in your local area, offering Easter promotions on a specific themed item. Whether it’s a special dish if you’re running a restaurant, or a chocolate-free alternative gift if you run a shop, be as creative and eye-catching as possible to boost engagement!

Start a local hashtag on Twitter

Your business may already get involved with local hashtags, with different regional networking groups featuring each week. Small businesses across the country are using these to increase visibility and grow their social following for free, with fantastic results!

If you have already used your local hashtag to connect with other business owners around you, why not team up and work together to organise large-scale Easter promotions across your local area?

Hashtags are generated by users, not by Twitter, so as a group, decide on a specific hashtag targeted to your local area, such as #EasterInEngland, and all promote it in your posts leading up to the bank holiday weekend. Other users will follow your lead, with potential customers looking at the hashtag to find out what’s going on in their local area. It’s a great way to boost visibility of your business, with the added benefit of encouraging shoppers to visit your local area!