Equality in the workplace: mind the gap

Equality in the workplace: mind the gap

Following the recent release of the BBC’s pay list, it has opened many discussions about equality in the workplace. The list revealed the wages of their high-profile employees and highlighted the fact that the male employees are being paid significantly more than the women.

This aggravated many people, not only the people who work for the BBC but also the public. BBC’s director general, Tony Hall, answered the public wrath with a statement saying: “By 2020 we will have equality between men and women on air, and we will also have the pay gap sorted by then too.”

This is a discussion that seems very outdated despite having anti sex-discrimination legislation since 1975. Research has shown that only 12% of board seats globally are held by women and just 4% are CEOs leading the world’s top 500 corporations.

As a business owner, it is important to highlight the importance of equality and treat everyone fairly, regardless of their age, sex, religion, disability or race.

You can support both parents by encouraging and accepting their choices around maternity/paternity or shared parental leave. Shared parental leave was introduced in 2015, but not all parents qualify for this so you would need to be fully aware of the regulations.

Following the new law that has been brought in this year, any organisation that has 250 or more employees must publish and report specific figures about their gender pay gap. As a small business owner, you may not fall into this bracket but being transparent about the salaries you pay can help to draw in employees and customers who respect equality in the workplace.

If you would like to know more about gender pay gap reporting or to check if your business qualifies, take a look at www.gov.uk/guidance/gender-pay-gap-reporting-overview