Handepay card terminals to accept Android Pay payments

Handepay card terminals to accept Android Pay payments

Handepay terminals will soon accept Android Pay contactless payments.

Already up-and-running in the US, a rival to Apple Pay for Android-capable smartphones is due to be launched in the UK this month. Android Pay will replace Google Wallet, allowing customers to pay for products and services using just their mobile phone.

An app to enable the service will be available for free in the Google Play app store, and consumers must register their compatible cards with the app. To pay, simply hold a smartphone against a contactless-enabled card terminal, and unlock the screen. A payment confirmation will be shown on screen, rather than receiving a receipt.

The service will be secure with the use of the Android Device Manager, which has the ability to lock a device, create a new password or wipe all details from the phone.

135.8 billion contactless payments were made in January 2016 alone, and with more consumers able to access contactless payments through Android Pay, this figure is set to increase. This highlights the importance for independent businesses to keep up with advances in payment technology.

All contactless terminals supplied through Handepay are equipped to be able to accept Android Pay purchases, with no further downloads or updates required, once the service has been launched.

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