International trade helps boost small businesses summer sales

International trade helps boost small businesses summer sales

A British summertime is often disappointing, with cold weather, storms and rain hitting the country. There may only be a few weeks of the year when there is a real demand for summer necessities.

However, new figures show that UK business owners are boosting the sales of their summer goods by selling products to the global market.

Last year alone, British businesses exported £302 million of holiday related items. Sunglasses were our biggest summer export, with £160 million brought in from international trade sales. Another popular item was swimwear, with global sales of £93 million.

Not only is UK holiday gear sold abroad, even edible summer treats and games were exported. £16 million worth of ice-cream made by British companies was sold internationally. Another UK holiday staple, card games, brought in almost £4 million in international sales.

The UK’s International Trade Secretary, Dr Liam Fox, is urging UK business to take advantage of wider international trade opportunities following Brexit. He believes that “there has never been a better time for our dynamic and innovative businesses to export their goods and services abroad.”

Trading internationally is becoming increasingly popular for British companies. 2016 figures show an annual increase of just under 6%, with exports totally £547.6 billion.

Around one in five British small firms choose to sell their products globally. Exporting is recommended as a way for companies to increase their sales and profits.

If you’d like to look at international trade opportunities, the Government has a wide range of information and advice. Visit their dedicated website, and find out how exporting could help your business to grow!