Responsible Business Week: how do independent businesses benefit local communities?

Responsible Business Week: how do independent businesses benefit local communities?

Responsible Business Week was launched to celebrate the more positive aspects of small companies in the UK. Aiming to encourage all business owners to ‘do better and be better’, the campaign is educating companies on the vast number of ways that they can improve their accountability. With recent reports describing shop closures and the ‘Death of the High Street’, Responsible Business Week is a fantastic opportunity to highlight how vital independent companies are to their local areas.

Sourcing products locally

Small businesses can support other local companies by sourcing stock from their surrounding area. For example, many independent restaurants and cafes choose to purchase ingredients from nearby farms to benefit from fresh, high quality produce that they couldn’t purchase from a wholesaler. This has a two-sided revenue boost for both restaurant and farm; advertising food as ‘locally-sourced’ can attract more customers, which leads to more orders of fresh produce!

Employing local workers

Commuting to work is something that no one enjoys, whether it’s sitting in a traffic jam or jumping onto crowded trains. Lots of highly-talented people would love to work for a company closer to home, with statistics from 2015 showing that younger employees want to work for ethical companies. Independent businesses benefit both their company and the local community by hiring them, as these employees are interested in making a positive impact with their work.

Getting involved

Local businesses offer a wide range of benefits to their local communities; whether through arranging larger events aiming to bring residents together, or smaller acts such as displaying a poster for a missing pet. Business owners themselves can have a large impact on entire neighbourhoods, with some choosing to donate or give away free stock to nearby worthy causes. It’s not always necessary to reach into the businesses bank account, business owners who give away their time to help others are also highly respected. Creating a friendly community spirit around each independent business in an area means that customers are more likely to shop locally, bringing in a great boost to the district’s economy.


Responsible Business Week is running between 24th and 28th April. Get involved on Twitter by sharing your businesses positive contributions using the hashtag #RBweek!