Small firms continue to thrive: UK small business owners report 24% increase in staff

Small firms continue to thrive: UK small business owners report 24% increase in staff

New research published by the government shows that staff numbers in nearly a quarter of small and medium enterprises increased over the course of one year.

The 2015 Small Business Survey analysed views and statistics from 15,000 British small businesses, both with and without employees.

The research showed that 24% of small business owners in the UK reported that they had more members of staff working in their company in 2015, compared with staff numbers from 2014.

There was a low rate of UK small business owners reporting reduced staff numbers, with only 10% of businesses employing fewer staff in 2015 than the previous year. This has reduced from figures recorded in 2010, when approximately 1 in 5 UK small business owners reported a reduction in staffing levels over the previous year.

The survey also studied data from businesses that didn’t hire any employees, finding that they too were also experiencing business growth. Over three-quarters of these companies made a profit in 2014, and almost half of those surveyed also stated that they intended to increase their sales over the next three years.

Small Business Minister, Anna Soubry, commented: “This survey shines a light on the small businesses that drive our economy and employ millions of people across the country – and it’s good news that small firms continue to employ more people”.

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