How UK businesses are using St George’s day activities to increase customer numbers

How UK businesses are using St George’s day activities to increase customer numbers

St. George is the patron saint of England, and every year on April 23rd people across the country mark the day with celebrations. Although it isn’t as widely celebrated as St. Patricks day, business owners are still able to plan St. George’s day activities to improve profits.

This year, members of the public have been trying to plan St George’s day activities, but are being put off by high costs and lack of available space. This has allowed Britain’s business owners to take advantage of this demand by running a wide variety of events. Take a look at how these three companies are using clever marketing to increase their customer numbers this Sunday.

Running a quirky offer

This year, aptly-named British pub chain, ‘Generous George’ have employed two clever marketing techniques to bring in customers. The first is offering a free drink on the day to people named George, Georgina and other similar variations. They are attempting to break the record for the largest gathering of people named George, so this will encourage as many customers as possible to visit their pubs on the 23rd April. By doing this, the company have managed to get coverage in local magazines and websites, with readers who will be tempted to visit by the offer of a freebie.

Promoting the British high street

One town in the UK is running street-wide St George’s day activities this weekend, in a bid to attract more shoppers to the local area. Organised by the district council, Bromsgrove high street will be host to circus acts, singers and balloon animals to celebrate the day. By joining forces to promote the event, the businesses located on the street can increase footfall to a wide variety of shops. People may come to take part in the entertainment, but the hope is that they will leave having made a few purchases!

Encouraging thrill seekers

Vertigo Adventures, based in Welwyn, is offering daredevils who are dressed for the occasion a free hair-raising activity. Named ‘the plummet from the summit’, visitors wearing a St. George’s day flag on the 23rd April can experience free-falling from 40ft for free. Normally costing £10, this is a great offer, however it is only available to people who are visiting with a paying customer. This is a great promotion, as although they are giving something away for free, they are still guaranteed to make a sale!

If your business is planning St George’s day activities, make sure to promote them in your local area using social media and word of mouth. Not sure how to use social media for your business? Check out the guide we posted last week for some inspiration!