Top tips for building a successful start-up

Top tips for building a successful start-up

Opening a new business is a challenge for any entrepreneur as you want to make sure your start-up is successful.  Here are our five top tips to help you build a successful start-up.  

Live for the future

When you’re coming up with a new business idea, the first thing to ask yourself is “is it future proof”? Don’t just look for what is working well at the minute, look for the next up and coming trend. Research your industry in other countries to see what they may be doing a little different. 

Stay organised with your paperwork

As simple as it sounds, it’s important to make sure your business has well documented records for all payments made. When you are first growing your business, you can often forget about the importance of documentation because you will be focusing on your promotion and building up clients and customers. Also make sure any customer records you keep are compliant with GDPR and make yourself aware of the upcoming changes in May 2018.

Outsource when you need to

If you are not confident in a specific area such as book keeping, marketing or design, it can be very time consuming to teach yourself and you may make costly mistakes. Sourcing help from someone who is qualified in these areas can help save time and money, and you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll get a professional service to help boost your start-up.

Hire the right people

As well as outsourcing to professionals, it’s also important to hire staff who will help to grow your business. Throughout the hiring process, take the time to find motivated and skilled people who will be compatible with your existing team. The difference between a successful start-up and a failing business can be the company culture.

Accepting payments

You could be missing out on potential sales if your start up doesn’t currently take card payments, face to face via Chip and PIN, contactless cards and mobile devices, as well as via a payment gateway if you sell online. Handepay provide a range of card machines and online payment gateways suited to your business needs.

To find out which method of accepting card payments is right for your business, call one of our friendly advisors on 0800 377 ­7382 or request a quote online.