Training from St Helens Chamber helps Handepay staff to achieve career goals

Training from St Helens Chamber helps Handepay staff to achieve career goals

Working as a business administrator, 24 year old Clare McSpiritt was keen to develop her knowledge and progress in her career at Handepay. The company supported Clare through a Level 3 Business and Administration qualification at the St Helens Chamber Business School, allowing her to build on her existing knowledge and skills gained from her Level 2 Business and Administration Apprenticeship.

As a result of her achievements Clare was swiftly promoted to a leadership role overseeing a team of six, and undertook a further qualification in team leading with Handepay’s support.

The team leader qualification demonstrated the best ways of managing people, how to allocate workloads to different members of staff, the ability to make sure that all deadlines are met, and the best methods to cope with conflict within a workplace setting.

Clare said: “I have learned so much though the NVQ at St Helens Chamber and then completing the team leader qualification, it has been fantastic and I’ve really enjoyed it. The course is really relevant and helps me to do my job much more efficiently and to feel more confident in my abilities.

I had already completed a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Business Administration in my previous job so was really encouraged when Handepay gave me the opportunity to progress through the Chamber”

Many of the staff at Handepay have developed their skills through training courses provided by the St Helens Chamber and their Business School.

Handepay’s Human Resources Manager, Emma Wardle, said: “Handepay was very happy to support Clare through her personal development programme and her progression has been noticeable.

Like many of our employees who go through this programme, Clare’s experiences at school had made her cautious of the benefits of structured learning but she tackled the qualification with enthusiasm and determination. The experience has given Clare ambition, direction and a new sense of commitment to her career.

Clare has become an example to others of the value of investing in her skills and enhancing her contribution to our overall organisational goals.”

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