Why trust is your hidden superpower

Why trust is your hidden superpower

Word of mouth and consumer trust has the potential to power the success of your business.

In an age where consumers are long past accepting what they are told by companies, the opinions of real purchasers are more important now than ever before. That’s why more and more independent businesses are gathering online reviews in order to provide the evidence and reassurance that choosing to buy from them is the right decision.

Research carried out by online review site, Trustpilot, shows that 61% of customers read reviews before making a purchase and that by having no reviews, you’re leaving an element of doubt on the table.

40% of reviews provide assurance, honesty and transparency. Trustpilot statistics show that reviews can provide a 40% revenue boost year-on-year.

A recent e-book published by Trustpilot shows businesses how to build trust and use relationships to create opportunities and long-lasting customers. You can get started by downloading the free guide here or visit http://blog.trustpilot.com/blog/2015/8/17/trust-power-is-coming-see-how-it-impacts-your-future