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Our customers believe that we provide the best merchant services

Thousands of businesses are choosing Handepay for card processing. Here’s why they think that we provide the best merchant services, based on personal experience.

I’ve finally found a merchant service provider with excellent customer support!

I switched payment processor to save 31% on card terminal fees!

I've made great savings by switching my merchant account to Handepay!

I saved 50% on my card terminal fees by taking the Handepay Price Challenge!

Handepay’s card terminal rates are lower than any we’ve been offered before!

I saved 44% on my credit card reader fees by switching to Handepay!

I saved 41% on my terminal rental by switching my payment service provider to Handepay!

I received better customer support and great savings on my credit card reader by switching to Handepay!

Handepay stood out as the best merchant service provider around!

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