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Our customers believe that we provide the best merchant services

Thousands of businesses are choosing Handepay for card processing. Here’s why they think that we provide the best merchant services, based on personal experience.

We saved a fortune on credit card transaction fees by switching to Handepay!

I reduced my card reader costs by switching to Handepay!

I was thrilled with the service I received when setting up my merchant account with Handepay!

Handepay offered me the cheapest price on my card reader!

Handepay gave me £3,432 to cover my card terminal switching fees!

I’m so happy to find a reliable payment service provider in Handepay!

Switching payment providers was simple thanks to Handepay!

I saved over £150 per month by switching to a Handepay credit card machine!

I was delighted to find I could save 53% by switching my payment service provider!

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