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Our customers believe that we provide the best merchant services

Thousands of businesses are choosing Handepay for card processing. Here’s why they think that we provide the best merchant services, based on personal experience.

I was impressed by Handepay's savings whilst searching for a payment card machine online!

Handepay’s customer support sets them apart from other card machine providers!

Switching our payment card machine to Handepay has helped us to make huge savings on transactions!

My friends are all saving money on their merchant services thanks to Handepay’s referral scheme!

Customers can now make impulse purchases thanks to our chip and PIN reader!

My Handepay card machine brought my business into the 21st century!

I’m so happy with my card machine price from Handepay I use their referral scheme to tell other business owners

We saved 41% by switching to Handepay’s online payment gateway!

I have saved over £600 on my business card machine by taking the Handepay Price Challenge!

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