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Our customers believe that we provide the best merchant services

Thousands of businesses are choosing Handepay for card processing. Here’s why they think that we provide the best merchant services, based on personal experience.

International visitors can pay in their own currency thanks to Dynamic Currency Conversion!

I use Handepay’s Referral Scheme to help business owners make savings on their payment processing fees

With Handepay’s portable card reader we can take payments anywhere on our premises – even outside!

We saved nearly £3,500 a year by switching our card payment machine!

We save almost £140 per month thanks to Handepay’s card payment solutions!

Handepay’s secure payment services save our business money and make us more trustworthy

Our new contactless card machine speeds up our payment process!

Not only is our Handepay wireless card machine better, it’s 31% cheaper too!

Switching merchant account providers saved our salon over £1,000!

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