Classic car and motorbike enthusiasts David and Geoffrey Wellman purchased an empty garage space earlier this year. Over the course of two months, they transformed it into the base for their business, Sunningdale Classics.

PA to the Chairman, Rebecca Foxall, found that business was difficult without a chip and PIN reader:

“We traded without a chip and PIN reader for a month and it was a pain. Customers who visited us on a whim weren’t carrying large amounts of money, and struggled to find the cash to put down a deposit on the day.

One customer was willing to pay outright for a car on the spot using his card, but we couldn’t take the payment!

As we were a new company, we were inundated with calls from different chip and PIN machine suppliers. We didn’t want to deal with someone over the phone, so a business connection recommended that I speak to Handepay.

I was thrilled to find out that I could make an appointment with an advisor who would come and visit the business. She was very personable and friendly, and made sure that we got the best rates possible.

The service from Handepay has been fantastic. If I ever have a question or need some advice, a helpful advisor is only a phone call away. The chip and PIN reader is simple to use and reliable, so we no longer have to worry about losing impulse purchases!”