Launching our first e-commerce store was easy with Handepay!Muzzy Al-Moozany and Jack Allanson are avid gym-goers, with a passion for exercise and wellbeing. They are childhood friends, who now live on opposite sides of the globe, Muzzy in the UK and Jack in Australia.

They noticed a gap in the market for a positive community for like-minded people, to discover more about weight training and make positive connections. Planning to launch a business to fill this need has taken place over the past few years.

In January this year, a trip to Australia gave Muzzy and Jack the drive to launch the business in 2020. With branded gym apparel at the centre of the business, they decided to launch Lifting Legion with a range of functional and stylish sportswear.

Just months later, the COVID-19 pandemic affected businesses across the globe, but the partners continued their plan and launched successfully in June 2020.

“In recent months, the UK has seen a fitness kick, with people eager to get out of the house and exercise”
, said Muzzy.

“Gyms and fitness centres have had to close their doors due to COVID-19 and people are missing their regular workouts.

With the announcement that gyms are set to reopen on the horizon, we thought it would be a great time to launch our business. We decided to capitalise on the increase in exercise interest and give people the opportunity to return to the gym with great sportswear.

Launching our first e-commerce store was easy with Handepay!Creating a website is new to me, so I initially found an e-commerce website designer, then looked for a payment provider. I shopped around, looking for good rates, a simple user interface and great customer support.

I was delighted to find Handepay, who offered low costs and excellent customer service. My advisor understood how important it was to get up and running quickly and recommended that I use their partner, EKM, to build my e-commerce website.

EKM offered a better e-commerce product than my original find, plus I liked the fact that I could set up my website and payment solution at the same time.

Handepay offered some great tools for e-commerce payments. I’m always conscious of security when shopping online, so was happy to discover that 3D Secure was offered with every online payment package.

Plus, Handepay’s Business Resource Centre allows me to track our sales in real time and produce reports. I’ve even set up a notification which emails me directly every time we make a sale!

It was so important that our website looked professional from the start, and EKM allowed me to do that with a personalised domain name and the tools needed to build a website from scratch.

We had a plan for how the site should look, which I was able to execute in a short time, with no web design experience. I’m thrilled with how it looks, it’s the perfect image for our brand.Launching our first e-commerce store was easy with Handepay!

I received personal service from both Handepay and EKM. If I had a question, I could get in touch with them easily – someone would respond within minutes!

I received great service from the second I enquired, including last minute help when finalising the website. Handepay’s e-commerce manager even got in touch to make sure everything was working before the site went live.

Our launch took place successfully, and we received our first orders the same day!

It was such a simple process; I would definitely recommend launching an e-commerce store with Handepay.”