How your small business can prepare for Black Friday shopping

How your small business can prepare for Black Friday shopping

Black Friday shopping is now ranked as the UK’s biggest annual retail event, with a huge 223% increase in sales on the daily average recorded last year. Last year, sales on Black Friday alone passed the £1 billion sales mark for the first time ever, with sales across the weekend totalling over £3 billion.

Make sure that your small business is prepared for an influx of customers attracted by Black Friday shopping deals by following our three simple tips:

Customer Service

Black Friday shopping deals will mean an increase in footfall this weekend, so you may want to increase staff numbers. Although your independent business may not get the stampedes of customers typically seen across the pond, an extra pair of hands could be useful to deal with larger numbers than normal.

Easy Payments

If customers are forced to wait in long queues to pay, they are likely to get bored and decide to leave without their bargains. If you are looking for a way to combat this, consider upgrading your card machine to one of our contactless terminals. This allows Black Friday shopping customers to pay in seconds, allowing you to speed up your payment process, and keep waiting customers happy! If you are still plagued by long waiting times, considering taking your payment process out onto the shop floor. A portable card machine allows you make a sale anywhere inside your store, freeing up queues and making sure that sales are processed quickly.


You may have decided to create a special area of your store to promote your Black Friday discounts, to minimise the risk of disruption to the rest of your store. Customers will be tempted in by your bargains, but they will then leave without looking at the rest of your stock! Make sure that your customers spend as much as possible by spreading your bargains around, placing them near related items with great profit margins.