How secure are contactless card machines and payments?

Contactless card machines offer more protection than cash and give you a safer payment process

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Contactless card machines make it easier for you to accept and manage payments.

You can serve customers faster, reduce queue times and accept more payments each day.

They allow you to boost your profits.

If you haven’t accepted contactless payments before, you may be concerned about safety.

Security about contactless card machines is a common concern about business owners who aren’t used to the idea of them.

In this blog, we’ll cover the most common security concerns businesses ask us about.

We’ll reassure you that contactless card machines are secure, whether you choose a countertop, portable or wireless terminal.

They are an important piece of equipment for businesses of all sizes.

Are contactless card machines secure?

In a word, yes.

Contactless card payments are a fast and secure way to accept money.

They are much safer than cash payments, which pose the risk of counterfeit notes, fraud and theft.

Although some shoppers may have been wary at first, the popularity of contactless payments has grown over the past few years.

If you get a contactless card machine from a reputable merchant services provider, it will come equipped with built-in security controls and processes.

These settings ensure secure transactions for both your business and your customers.

All transactions are approved and actioned at the point of purchase.

If there is a problem with the payment, it won’t go through and your terminal will display a notification.

Plus, contactless card machines create an automatic audit trail of transactions so you have complete oversight of card payments being made in your company.

If there are ever any problems, you have a full, accurate record to fall back on.

With a contactless card machine, your business can have peace of mind when it comes to payment security.

Are contactless card machines secure?

Are contactless card machines safe for customers?

Are contactless card machines safe for customers?

Again, yes.

Contactless cards are equipped with high-level encryption security.

They use radio waves to communicate with your contactless card machine, and only work when in close contact.

Plus, contactless terminals have in-built security protocols which ask for a PIN number after a designated number of contactless card uses.

Customers don’t need to worry about losing their card and running up a huge bill!

Mobile wallets, such as Apple Pay, have made the existing contactless payment process even more secure.

They use biometric authorisation on every purchase, requiring shoppers to scan their face or thumbprint to allow a sale.

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Talk to us about your contactless card machine needs

If you have any more questions about the security of contactless card machines, or want to discover how much they’ll cost, contact one of our experts.

We can help you with any query and help you set up a secure and cost-effective contactless payment system for your business.

Date Published: 28/01/2021