Take payments seamlessly
with Pay by Link

Did you know you can collect payments via email, text message or social media?

With Pay by Link, it’s possible!

You can create dedicated payment links and share them via email, text message or even social media. You can accurately send invoices and payment reminders in a convenient way.

Are you ready for the great news?

There’s no extra cost to use this fantastic feature! Pay by Link is included as a bonus tool in each of our online packages.

With prices starting from as little as £9.99 per month, can you afford to miss out?




What is Pay by Link?


Advances in payment technology are allowing you to make sales and send invoices in more ways than ever.

With Pay by Link, you can send a payment request just about anywhere.

Whether you speak to your customers over email, through text message or even via social media, you
can take a payment without interrupting the conversation.

It’s easy to do.


  • Portal

    Log into your online portal, enter the customer’s details and the payment amount. It will automatically generate a unique link, which you can send to your customer.

  • Secure

    This link directs your customer to a secure payment page. They are prompted to enter their card details and the payment will be processed.

  • Dashboard

    With real-time reporting on our free business dashboard, you can set up email notifications, track payments and chase up any outstanding invoices.




Why choose Handepay for Pay by Link?


Other providers may charge you to use their Pay by Link service.

Not us.

We provide Pay by Link as a bonus tool when you use any of our cost-effective online packages.

That’s not the only bonus. Join us and benefit from:


  • No hidden fees

    No hidden fees

    In contrast to other card machine providers, we don't charge many of the fees you may find on your statement

  • Hassle-free switching

    Hassle-free switching

    Switching provider needn’t be a chore - as we’ll cover your fees in most cases. Our helpful team works to ensure you switch and save.

  • 28,000 customers

    28,000 customers

    It’s fair to say we have lots of experience when it comes to great customer service - which is why we’re rated as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot

  • Service & support

    Service & support

    With 24/7 service and support - you can call upon us at any time should you need to.




What our customers say






Parkitt Racing

“We were thrilled to save over £1,000 per year on our online payment gateway services! Switching to use Handepay's payment gateway was simple, We were able to complete the integration process ourselves in a matter of minutes!"





Pay by Link FAQs


If you have a Handepay virtual terminal or payment gateway, you’ve got access to Pay by Link. Simply open your online payment portal to create a unique payment link.

With us, no! Other providers may add a charge for access to Pay by Link, but we include it free of charge in all of our online packages.

Yes. Once a customer clicks their unique payment link, they are sent to a secure payment page to complete the transaction.



How can Pay by Link benefit you?



Keep up with the latest advances in payment technology by using Pay by Link.

More shoppers than ever are keen to make purchases over email, messaging services or social media.

Make it easy for your customers to pay.