Chip and PIN machines


How does your business accept payments?

Whether you want to take card payments from a fixed location, take your Chip and PIN machine to the customer or take payments on the go; our Chip and PIN solutions allow you to benefit from a quick and secure payments.

Join us and benefit from our simple pricing plan. Unlike many other Chip and PIN providers, we make it simple:


  • Accept contactless payments including Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay
  • Improve cash flow and get your money the next banking day*
  • No minimum monthly service charge (MMSC)
  • No fees for PCI DSS compliance or non-compliance
  • Free Business Resource Centre




Our Chip and PIN solutions


Whether you’re new to taking card payments or looking to switch to Handepay, we have the perfect Chip and PIN solution to suit your requirements.

Equipped with the latest technology and with the ability to take contactless payments, our Chip and PIN machines allow you to accept payments from all major credit and debit cards. Plus, you’ll be able to accept contactless payments via card or mobile wallet-enabled devices!


Which Chip and PIN machine is right for your business?


With Handepay’s three fantastic Chip and PIN solutions we can meet your payment requirements, no matter what type of business you run.

For payments at a fixed location, such as a till point, we provide a countertop Chip and PIN machine.

If you wish to accept Chip and PIN credit cards from any location on your premises, a portable machine is ideal.

Need to take payments on the go? If you accept cards while out and about, our mobile Chip and PIN machine is perfect for you.







What is a Chip and PIN machine?


A Chip and PIN machine allows you to accept money from your customers for your goods and services.

It’s another name for a card machine or card reader, the name referring to the technology it runs on.

Chip and PIN machines are simple to use. Customers simply put their credit or debit card into the slot at the bottom of the machine and enter their four-digit PIN number. This PIN number is stored in the card chip, if the two numbers match, the payment goes through!

There have been advances in technology in recent years, with contactless payments becoming increasingly popular. Great news – all of our Chip and PIN solutions allow you to accept contactless payments!





The benefits of taking Chip and PIN card payments


Are you limiting your sales and profits?

Consumers now expect to be able to pay by card in every shop, and are carrying less cash than ever.

By not accepting card payments, you’re limiting your customers spending ability to the cash in their pocket. Install one of our Chip and PIN machines and your customers can make higher value impulse purchases, boosting your profits!

If you’re sick of long queues and impatient customers, a Chip and PIN machine can speed up your transaction time. You’ll stop losing customers who have to leave to withdraw cash, plus increase security by reducing the amount of cash on the premises.






Looking to switch
your Chip and PIN


We can save you money on your Chip and PIN costs. It’s a bold claim, but one that we’re happy to stand by.

We have a unique pricing proposition, that removes many of the fees charged by most suppliers. Plus, in most cases, we’ll pay your switching fees too!

Send us a copy of a recent merchant statement. We’ll take a detailed look and create a cost comparison, showing you exactly where you could save.





new to cards


New to


Don’t stall your sales. Start accepting Chip and PIN payments with Handepay.

We’ll guide you through the card payment process and ensure you get the right Chip and PIN machine for your business.

 We have a range of Chip and PIN machines to suit every business type, our advisors are on hand to help you choose!






Why choose Handepay as your Chip and PIN machine provider?


When you accept card payments with a Handepay Chip and PIN machine, you have the security of knowing you are choosing a provider that’s rated ‘Excellent’.

We don’t add any of the hidden fees charged by most of our competitors. There are a range of other benefits associated with allowing your customer to pay by card, these include:


  • No hidden fees

    No hidden fees

    In contrast to other card machine providers, we don't charge many of the fees you may find on your statement

  • Hassle-free switching

    Hassle-free switching

    In most cases, we cover your fees when you switch to us. Our team is on hand to help you switch and save

  • 28,000 customers

    28,000 customers

    We have a loyal and happy customer base - which is reflected by our ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot rating

  • Service & support

    Service & support

    We’re available around the clock to respond to your needs - with 24/7 service and support




What our customers say





mac tools

Mac Tools Bristol

“I can accept mobile payments in more locations thanks to Handepay! I was over the moon when I discovered that I could save 51% on my mobile payments fees, which works out to just under £100 per month!"





Chip and PIN machine FAQs


With Handepay you will pay a rental fee for your Chip and PIN machine and then a small percentage of each transaction value. Simple! You won’t pay a minimum monthly service charge (MMSC), authorisation fees or PCI compliance and non-compliance fees.

Absolutely. All of our Chip and PIN machines are equipped with the latest contactless card payment technology.

With Handepay you can accept Chip and PIN payments from a range of cards including MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express and UnionPay. Every Handepay Chip and PIN solution is equipped with contactless payment technology, able to accept payments via Apple, Samsung and Google Pay devices. 

When a customer enters their card into your Chip and PIN machine, they are asked to enter their PIN (personal identification number) code.

There are a series of checks carried out by the machine, to make sure that the code they entered matches the code stored in the chip.

Once this is confirmed, the payment is approved – another successful sale!



Get in touch with Handepay today


We’re experts in finding the perfect Chip and PIN solution for businesses of all types.

Whether you’re new to accepting card payments, or are looking to switch providers, get in touch for a no obligation quote today!






*The accelerated settlement service incurs a fee of £4 per month charged by EVO, our card acquirer. Providing your card machine performs a reconciliation before 12am (midnight), you’ll receive settlement of funds the next banking day. This service is currently only available to EVO acquired customers joining Handepay after 10th February 2021.