Card Solutions for Dentists

A dentist’s payment system should make the process of taking card payments easy.

Whether customers use Chip and PIN, contactless, or digital payments on a smartphone, make it easy for them to pay, and reduce your admin.

No more hygiene risks of handling cash or risks from keeping cash on site. With the right dental payment system, you can improve the customer experience and reduce your costs of using a card machine.

The Dental Team

“As an independent business in today’s economy, every saving helps, so discovering that we would reduce our bills by almost £140 per month was amazing. Our new bill is even less than we paid before the unexpected price increase!

“Handepay gave us £180 to cover the switching fees from our previous provider. Combined with the fast switchover process, switching to use Handepay’s card payment solutions has been a breeze.”

The Dental Team

Switch your dentist’s payment system to Handepay

The best credit card processing for dentists should make card payments a good investment for your dental practice.

But choosing the wrong supplier can end up costing you a fortune.

Many card machine providers charge you hidden fees that inflate the monthly costs of using a card machine.

By moving your dental practice’s merchant services to Handepay we guarantee you’ll start saving money on day one.

Price Challenge

Not only do we not charge the hidden fees you’ll find with other providers, but because we keep prices competitive, you’ll always be on a great deal.

Take our Price Challenge and see how much you could save.

If we can’t beat your current deal, we’ll give you £1,000


Don’t just take our word for it.

Saffron Burton

“Our business is steadily growing, and thanks to Handepay’s affordable and secure payment services we expect to save over £1,000 on transaction fees in the first year alone.”

Saffron Burton, Saffron Hairdressing

Stacey Hughes

“I was sceptical when I first heard about the Handepay Price Challenge, however it seemed simple so I gave it a go. I can’t believe that we managed to reduce our fees by over 50%; saving £1000 a year is always great news for a business.”

Stacey Hughes, Beauty by Kathryn

Want to save money and improve your business processes like these Handepay customers?


Why choose Handepay for your dental practice credit card processing

Are you sure you’re getting the best deal on your dental practice’s card payment machine?

Have you been surprised about charges appearing on your monthly bill?

Don’t let your card machine eat into your profits. Switch to a better deal.

With Handepay you’ll also be able to:

Accept a wide range of payments

However your customers want to pay you’ll be able to accept. All our card machines accept all the major debit and credit cards along with contactless payment methods.

Receive support from a dedicated team

Taking card payments should make business sense. Get a full dedicated team of support staff ready to help you resolve any issues in the event that you have a problem.

Get the best price with no hidden fees

If you’re investing in your business, you should be sure you’re getting the best deal. Don’t let hidden fees take the shine off improving your payment system. Switching to Handepay means you’ll get fully transparent fees, and a constantly competitive price.

Amy Walters

“By switching to Handepay, I made a massive 60% saving on my previous bill! The statements I used to receive were so complicated, and I didn’t realise that I was paying extra for things like PCI DSS compliance. My advisor explained all of these additional fees in detail and I couldn’t believe how much money I’d been wasting.”

Amy Walters, Blush Tanning and Beauty Salon

Andrea Murdock

“I was surprised when my advisor told me that I could save almost £100 each month, an overall saving of 23%. Over the length of the credit card reader contract, we’ll save just under £5,000! What’s more, Handepay even offered to give me £150 to cover the exit fees from my previous provider.”

Andrea Murdock, Hotel Commodore

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