Card machine for pubs

Whether you’re taking drink orders at a bar, or food orders at a table, speedy payments are essential for keeping customers happy.

Today, cash payments just can’t handle it.

Card payments in pubs have become the norm.

Card machines for pubs can take all the hassle out of taking payments and free up bar staff to get through orders quicker, and keep customers happy. No-one wants to stand around at a crowded bar.

Contactless card machines fit well into a modern pub. You can set them up at the bar. Or you can give them to waiting staff to take orders and payments directly at a customer’s table.

No messing around waiting for cash and change. Just quick, simple, tap and go payments.

Beyond The Pale

“When a Handepay advisor called into the office, we were happy to discover that we could make further savings on credit card transaction fees by switching our card terminal provider. With our previous set up, we were paying around £130 per month in card transaction fees.

“We were thrilled when our advisor estimated that our credit card transaction fees would only be around £50 per month with Handepay. The application process was simple, and he was so helpful at getting us set up.”

Ben Harrison, Beyond The Pale

Treaty of Commerce

“It’s still early days to fully notice the difference but I know that I am going to save around £1000 a year by switching my card payment service provider to Handepay. That’s money we can invest into the business.

“I can’t fault the overall service I’ve received from Handepay. I see a lot of sales people popping into the pub but my Handepay advisor was different, I instantly gelled with them.”

Iain Jubbs, Treaty of Commerce

See how much Handepay can save you on your pub’s card processing fees. If we can’t beat your current price, we’ll give you £1,000.

Card machine

Make your pub’s card payments more cost effective for you

Have you started taking card payments at your pub and then suddenly started paying extra fees you weren’t expecting?

Suddenly finding the cost of taking card payments is outweighing the benefits of taking card payments in the first place?

That’s because some card machine providers hide extra fees to get you to sign up.

At Handepay, you’ll always know exactly what you’ll be paying with us before you sign anything.

Plus, because we keep our prices competitive at all times, no matter the length of your contract with us, you’ll always be getting the best possible price.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Hazel Grove Snooker Club

“I had a suspicion that my old card machine provider’s rates were expensive, but as a busy company owner it’s difficult to find the time to compare costs. It was great to discover that I could save 46% on my card machine costs by switching to Handepay.

“They even agreed to cover my switching costs, giving me £180 to pay my exit fees from my old card machine provider. Knowing that I could cancel my expensive contract without the burden of cancellation costs made my decision to switch simple.”

Dino Georgiou, Hazel Grove Snooker Club

The Archer

“I decided to take the Handepay Price Challenge, and was shocked to discover that I could save £74 per month by switching, a 23% saving

“Handepay made switching to use their card terminal simple by offering to cover the exit fees for me. It was really easy to claim, all I had to do was email across my final invoice from my previous supplier. Within two weeks, Handepay deposited the full sum of £3,432 directly into my bank account. I was able to pay my previous provider quickly, exiting their contract hassle-free.”

Mark Bayley, The Archer

LEIF Tearooms and Piano Bar

“We run a modern bar, so we need contactless card machine that’s secure and up-to-date.

“The terminal we upgraded to is much faster, and now our customers can pay the way they want to pay, which is both quick and easy. The switchover process was seamless, it was quick and simple and we were thrilled to discover that the new machine is much easier to use.”

Gursh Antwal, LEIF Tearooms and Piano Bar

Take the Handepay Price Challenge and see how much we could save you on taking card payments in your pub.


Upgrade your pub’s payment system with Handepay

If you’re looking to switch card machine providers for your pub, we can get you set up quickly and have you saving money on card processing and transaction fees.

If you’re moving to card payments for the first time, don’t risk getting stuck with hidden fees that some card machine suppliers hit you with.

Find out how you can get started or switch quickly and get a better deal than you could anywhere else.

Transparent fees. Competitive pricing. A simple way of taking payments that will make your business money.

Whether you’re looking for a single, static card payment machine or portable card payment machines so you can take payments directly to customers, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.


The Dragon’s Back

“Setting up the terminal was simple, I just plugged it in and it worked straight away. I’ve been thrilled with Handepay’s service, it’s easy to get in touch with the support team if needed – something that was frustrating with my other providers.

“Overall, I’m happy that I’m now working with a more honest company with better support. Although it was great to save money, I’m more thrilled that I’m finally receiving great service.”

Ahmed Abdullah, The Dragon’s Back

Locomotive Bar

“We were thrilled when we found out that we could save £161 per month by switching to Handepay, however we were concerned about the high cost involved with cancelling our previous contract.

“We were surprised when our Handepay business development manager told us that we were eligible for the Handepay Easy Switch service, and would receive £1,270.51 to cover our cancellation fees.”

Pam Kaur, Locomotive Bar

Why move your pub’s card payment services to Handepay?

We’ve saved hundreds of clients thousands of pounds already on monthly fees.

We make it easy to switch your services to us, and we’ll even pay your current provider’s exit fee if they try to charge you for leaving to get a better deal.

You just want to start accepting card payments and have a system in place that is cost effective, reliable and simple.

Here’s what you can expect from us:


Accept all forms of card and digital payments

We can get you set up with static and portable card payment machines that accept all the major debit and credit cards, plus eWallets like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Speech Bubble

24/7 technical support

Get access to 24/7 support for any technical issues you might have to get them resolved quickly so you can concentrate on serving customers.

Magnifying Glass

Transparent pricing and fees

We don’t charge many of the fees other suppliers hide in the small print. Plus, we’re always reviewing our prices to keep them competitive. You’ll always know what you’re paying, and that it’s the best deal on the market.

Contact us today to start saving money on your pub’s card payment machine

Make your card payment machine more cost effective. Make it easier for customers to make payments by card. Reduce the hassle of tilling up at the end of the day.

The first step is to take our price challenge. We’ll really pay you £1,000 if we can’t beat your existing deal.

Then, just get in touch with us and we can run you through the process of switching your card payment services to a supplier that works with you to make card payments work for you.

Date Published: 05/02/2021