The Benefits of Recent Contactless Card Machines Over Older Models

While the basics behind contactless payments have remained the same for some years now (with the exception of digital wallet payments from services like Google Pay and Apple Pay) card machine technology has continued to evolve to meet the demands of the paying public and the needs of vendors hoping to please their customers.

The most modern contactless card machines - such as the Saturn Android Smart Terminal - are a far cry from their predecessors, with attractive qualities and features you can take advantage of to offer the most seamless contactless payments possible, as well as offering appealing new features you could find useful in the process.

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How recent card machines trump previous models

Connectivity options help process payments easily

Even though card machine connectivity has improved alongside internet technology, many card machines are still tethered to an ethernet connection, while having a portable card machine that’s able to run using a WiFi or mobile data connection would be far more preferable.

More connectivity options mean more freedom, allowing you to move more easily within a premises, or even away from it entirely, all while still being able to accept card payments. This is also useful if a specific technology begins to struggle as there will be a backup in place. For example, in the event of the internet dropping, you will still be able to accept contactless payments with credit and debit cards via a mobile data signal from anywhere if your mobile card machine is equipped with the option - such as the Saturn Android Smart Terminal.

This way, the chances of a technology failure limiting your ability to accept payments from credit and debit cards - and making your customers frustrated in the process - is greatly reduced and will help keep your business running smoothly even in the event of a connectivity issue.

Crystal-clear touchscreen displays

As attractive, colourful displays have become the norm across multiple technologies, older card machines that feature the classic block text with a dim, greenish background are becoming rarer and are being replaced with clearer, easier-to-read alternatives.

Much like modern smartphones, many mobile card machines now feature bright and appealing screens, giving both vendors and customers the clearest possible view of transaction details before card payments are made. For example, the Saturn Android Smart Terminal features a stunning 5.5-inch colour touch screen, not dissimilar to the Samsung or Apple smartphones people are so familiar with. Plus, with durable glass screens that are easy to clean, vendors hand their terminals to customers time and again, safe in the knowledge hygiene is no issue and that unexpected bumps and scrapes won’t result in disaster.

This screen also makes them more useful from a usability standpoint - rather than relying on the built-in buttons, users and vendors can take advantage of touchscreen technology to ensure credit and debit card payments are completed promptly.

Onboard applications

Though their primary function remains accepting contactless card payments, the most modern card machines have evolved beyond simply accepting card payments from your customers. Instead, they’ve become all-in-one business tools you can use to accept card payments, take notes, make essential updates, and inspect business data among a whole host of other uses.

This is because certain card machines have followed suit with smartphones and now feature applications business owners can use to make updates and find information at the touch of a button (or, in this case, the touch of a screen). This will save an infinite amount of time for business owners and workers, who no longer need to change devices constantly. Rather, everything they need is readily viewable on their contactless card machine.

With a wide range of apps to help drive your business forward, the Saturn Android Smart Terminal is the perfect choice for businesses that need to accept card payments, save time, boost profits and streamline the customer payment process.

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