Café payment system

Whether grabbing a quick coffee on-the-go in the morning, or relaxing in the afternoon over a latte, the last thing customers want is to mess around with notes or counting change.

A café payment system should make paying for tea, coffee or a slice of cake as easy as possible.

Order. Tap. Go.


The best credit card processing solution for cafés can make all the difference to your business.

No more busy queues. Just more time serving customers, making as much profit as possible.

“The service I’ve received from Handepay and my advisor has been brilliant. Everything has been so simple, honest and transparent. If I ever need any advice, I know he is only a phone call away.

“Handepay enabled my café to start taking card payments at a great price.”

Diana Sutherland, Harbour Way

Price Challenge

Ready to switch to a better card payment provider?

Take our Price Challenge and see how much you could save.

There’s £1,000 on offer for any price we can’t beat.


A better way to accept credit card payments for cafés.

A better way to accept credit card payments for cafés.

Taking card payments should be good business for your café, but some providers charge you hidden fees that can quickly grow, eating into your profits.

Switching your cafe’s payment system to Handepay means you’ll never get an unexpected bill. You’ll see exactly what fees or charges you’ll pay before you join us.

Plus, because we continually offer the most competitive price, you’ll always get the best deal. Meaning more money and profits for you.

We’ve also made the switching process as easy as possible.

First, take our free Price Challenge and see how much you could save by switching your café’s merchant services over to Handepay. Then talk to one of our advisors who can guide you through the process.

We can usually have you set up and saving money within 3-5 business days once your application is approved.

Plus, if your existing provider charges you an exit fee, we may be able to help you cover the cost.

Don’t just take our word for it.

The Lane

“Our local Business Development Manager made an appointment with us to look over a recent bill. When he explained the Handepay Price Challenge to us, we quickly emailed our statements to be analysed, and were thrilled to discover that our total monthly saving totalled £104.22.

Saving over £1,200 per year on card processing fees has allowed us to invest more money growing our business. In my opinion, taking the Handepay Price Challenge is a definite must for all business owners.”

Chris Vidler, The Lane

Locomotive Bar

“We were thrilled when we found out that we could save £161 per month by switching to Handepay, however we were concerned about the high cost involved with cancelling our previous contract.

We were surprised when our Handepay business development manager told us that we were eligible for the Handepay Easy Switch service, and would receive £1,270.51 to cover our cancellation fees.”

Pam Kaur, Locomotive Bar

A better way to accept credit card payments for cafés

A better way to accept credit card payments for cafés

Paying for tea or coffee should be as easy and straightforward as drinking it.

Give your customers more time to catch-up and chat with friends, and less wasted time counting cash to pay for their drinks.

Plus, free your own time up to restock your cafè, serve more customers and make more money.

When you’re dealing with food and drink, hygiene is always a major consideration. Contactless payment machines make for a much more hygienic transaction.

“I’m so glad that I switched to Handepay, not only have I made amazing savings on our card readers but it’s improved the day to day running of my business.”

Ian Ritchie, Muffins Tea Rooms and Restaurant

“I was surprised when I found out I could save almost £100 each month, an overall saving of 23%. Over the length of the credit card reader contract, we’ll save just under £5,000. What’s more, Handepay even offered to give me £150 to cover the exit fees from my previous provider.”

Andrea Murdock, Hotel Commodore

Choosing Handepay for your café payment system

We make it easy for you to start taking card payments in your café. Whether you’re moving to a card machine for the first time, or looking to switch from another provider, you’ll see a number of benefits by joining us.



All major payments accepted

Your new card payment machine will let you take all major credit and debit card payments, both Chip and PIN and contactless. Plus, you’ll be able to accept newer types of payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

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Get full support

Downtime of your card machine means missed payments for your business. If you do have an issue, our support team can get you backup and running quickly.

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No hidden fees

As we’ve said, don’t get caught out by unexpected card processing fees. We’ll show you plainly and clearly what you’ll pay per month if you decide to take card payments with Handepay.

We keep our prices competitive, so no matter what length contract you sign, you’ll always get the best deal on your card machine.


Get in touch today to talk about a better way to accept card payments in your café

Take the hassle out of card payments for yourself and your customers. Request a free, no obligation quote today and let’s see how much we could save your café on your card payment system.

Date Published: 16/02/2021