Increase spend levels and visit frequency through your Saturn Android Smart Terminal


As a Handepay customer, you can now introduce your customers to payment loyalty that’s built into their card payments. Leverage your Saturn Android Smart Terminal to engage and reward your customers financially.

Provided by Payment Loyalty Ltd, a third party provider of merchant loyalty program services.


Part of Handepay Loyalty Programme


Loyalty that works


Benefit from a simple self-serve portal which will allow you to create and launch a loyalty campaign for your business, in minutes. Apply custom branding including your own logo, a date range, customer requirements and most importantly, their reward. These campaigns will then sync to your Saturn Android Smart Terminal with no need for the traditional paper cards and loyalty stamps which can get lost.


Card machine showing options to add to payment



It's simple...


  • Number 1

    Create your campaign via the portal

  • Number 2

    Sync to your payment terminal

  • Number 3

    Start rewarding your great customers!

No cards, no mobile apps, no additional requests for your customer's data - loyalty done right


The Payment Loyalty platform and services are provided by Payment Loyalty Ltd.  Any contract you enter into for the Payment Loyalty platform and its services shall be with Payment Loyalty Ltd directly. Handepay acts as an introducer in relation to the Payment Loyalty platform only and does not provide program support or services itself.