4 marketing tips for small business owners

4 marketing tips for small business owners

Small business owners find that their marketing strategy is the weakest part of their business, according to a study by PeoplePerHour.

The report showed that areas of difficulty included social media, email and content marketing. With 64% of small business owners surveyed in 2014 stating that they carry out internet marketing in-house, we’ve produced a list of 4 tips to help small business owners market their business both on and offline.

1. Share the wisdom

It is important for small business owners to get customers through the doors to grow brand recognition. Advertising a basic class or talk on your line of work for a small fee could encourage new customers to visit. People who have a genuine interest in your line of work will be more inclined to visit your business if they believe that they may learn something. While they may not arrive intending to make a purchase, consider having exclusive special offers at the event, or promoting an additional set of classes to sign up to.

2. Team up

Combining your client base with another company can widen your reach massively. Obviously, it is not a good idea to collaborate with a direct competitor, but a company with a similar client base but different product offerings is ideal. For example, a florist and a card company could team up to create a special bundled promotion, or offer discounts at each other’s company upon making a purchase. By doing this, small business owners give a greater number of people an incentive to visit their business.

3. Build your reputation

A word-of-mouth review of your company between customers is one of the best ways to grow your business, however it is entirely dependent on people making referrals. A good way to spread the word about the benefits of choosing your company over a competitor is to focus on your online reviews. If using an independent review site, you will not have control over the reviews posted. However, replying to posts left in a positive manner with helpful solutions will show potential customers your dedication to your clients. It is also beneficial to feature detailed case studies and testimonials on your website from happy customers.

4. Create a plan

It may seem important to implement different tips from around the internet, carrying them out immediately. However, there are no ‘quick fixes’ to marketing, it is something that must be constantly worked at. To make sure that your efforts are consistent and have longevity, consider creating a marketing plan. Note important events for your business in the calendar, and decide what marketing techniques will be most useful to promote it.

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