Ready for a new year, new you? We’ll its also time for Veganuary to take centre stage! This fantastic campaign, with over 700,000 fans participating globally last year, invited all to go vegan for January, and with over 700,000 people worldwide jumping on the Veganuary wagon in 2023 you know it's going to be even bigger and better in 2024!

Now, why should restaurants care? Around 25% of Veganuary participants will stick to veganism even after the month ends, and 72% are looking to cut their animal product intake in half. This potentially is a game-changer for menus. If your place caters to the Gen Z or Millennial age range, you could be in for a fantastic treat. Turns out, these generations are leading the charge in the vegan scene, according to So, if your spot targets this age range, joining Veganuary isn’t just a thought; it’s a fantastic opportunity for your business to jump onto this trend.

When we think back to about a decade ago, navigating the world of dining out as a vegan could be a bit stressful. Trying to find vegan options was like a scavenger hunt, trying to find the hidden gem. If we fast forward today, things have taken a turn, the number of vegans in the UK has skyrocketed from 150,000 in 2014 to 600,000 in 2019. It is also not just independent restaurants jumping on this trend, places like Nando’s, Pizza Express, Burger King, and even McDonald’s are now serving up vegan options.

So, as the world embraces Veganuary, restaurants get the chance to not only make dishes that their consumers are craving but also to be at the forefront of a global shift towards mindful and sustainable eating. It's not just about January; it's about embracing a lifestyle that thrives with the mindful choices of today’s savvy eaters. In this blog post, we’ll explore the compelling reasons why restaurants should embrace the Veganuary trend.

Embracing Preferences

The craze for plant-based options is soaring, and more people are embracing the veggie and vegan life. By spicing up your menu with vegan and vegetarian dishes, you’re not just serving food; you’re creating an experience that welcomes a diverse group of people with different taste preferences.

Health and wellness trends

Being health-conscious and mindful is at the forefront of many consumers, and there is a growing awareness of the benefits associated with plant-based diets. So, when your restaurant offers vegan and vegetarian options, you’re becoming the go-to spot for those seeking nutritious and wholesome dining choices.

Green Living

Consumers concerns about the environmental impact of their food choices has risen over the past couple of years, making a vegan diet more favourable. A plant-based diet has a lower carbon footprint compared to a traditional meat-centric diet. So, by offering a menu that flaunts those eco-friendly vegan and vegetarian options, your restaurant becomes a champion of sustainability.

Rise of Flexitarianism

With the rise of flexitarianism, reflects the growing trend where people are reducing their meat intake without completely going fully vegan. By rolling out a plant-based menu offering a variety of vegan and vegetarian options lets your restaurant provide a flexible dining experience that meets the evolving preferences of your customers.

Social Media Buzz

Veganuary generates all kinds of attention on social media platforms, with a lot of customers sharing their plant-based culinary experiences. Restaurants that participate in the movement can leverage the buzz and engage with a wider audience. Highlighting the delicious vegan options you offer, can be a powerful marketing tool during this month-long campaign.

Culinary Playground

Introducing vegan and vegetarian options isn’t just about adding dishes to the menu; it's about adding variety to your menu. Chefs get the chance to play with a rainbow of plant-based ingredients, experiment with flavours, and wow your customers with dishes that scream innovation.

So, there you have it! Jumping on the Veganuary train isn’t just a trend; it’s a flavour-packed, health-conscious, eco-friendly, and insta-worthy adventure. Your local place could be the next big thing in the plant-based world.