Let's talk about Dry January, the month that's not just about new beginnings and resolutions, but a movement that's taking hold. It's a time when people put down the drinks and pick up the sparkling water. So, what's Dry January all about, and why should businesses raise a glass (of something non-alcoholic) to those pursuing a booze-free start to the year?

Dry January, founded by Alcohol Change in 2013, is a month-long commitment to ditch the alcohol. This event has evolved into a cultural phenomenon, with over 4 million Brits participating in 2023. However, its impact extends far beyond just a one-month commitment. After Dry January, those who took part usually continued to drink less alcohol. In fact, according to Alcohol Change, 70% of people who participated in Dry January still drank more healthily six months later. That's not all! Studies show that Dry January participants saved money, felt more in control of their drinking, slept better, and enjoyed better overall health.

So, why should businesses cater to those pursuing a non-alcoholic lifestyle?

Firstly, attitudes towards alcohol consumption are changing. With 12.5% of adults in the UK declaring themselves as teetotal more people are opting for mindful drinking, and businesses need to offer alternatives that allow people to socialise without the side effects of alcohol.

Secondly, with wellness taking center stage and people prioritising their health. Dry January aligns with wellness trends, offering a chance to detoxify the body and reap the benefits of a clearer mind and improved sleep.

Thirdly, businesses that cater exclusively to traditional drink options risk alienating a growing customer base. Creating a diverse menu that includes enticing non-alcoholic alternatives ensures that everyone feels included in the celebration, regardless of their drink choice.

Lastly, the market for alcohol-free or low-alcohol beverages is booming. In 2023, the revenue in this market in the UK amounts to £35bn. Businesses can expand their drink menu to include a variety of enticing non-alcoholic options, from fruity mocktails to sophisticated alcohol-free spirits.

How to make Dry January work for your business

Expand your drink menu to include a variety of enticing non-alcoholic options. From fruity mocktails to sophisticated alcohol-free spirits, providing choices beyond sugary fizzy drinks demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity.

Some ideas to get you started:

Cocktails & Mocktails

  • Virgin Mojito
  • Virgin Pina Colada
  • Fizzy Fruit Juice
  • Fancy Iced Tea
  • Sunrise Mocktail

Beer & Cider

  • Heineken 0.0%
  • Kopparberg Cider Alcohol Free
  • Corona Cero
  • Becks Blue
  • Carlsberg Alcohol Free
  • Guinness 0.0

Wine, Sparkling & Spirits

  • Gordon’s Alcohol-Free Gin
  • Tanqueray Alcohol Free
  • Freixenet 0.0%
  • Eisberg Merlot Alcohol Free Wine
  • Eisberg Sauvignon Alcohol Free Wine

Educate & celebrate

Spread the word about the benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle by hosting events or promotions that elevate non-alcoholic choices. Let's raise a glass to a more positive drinking culture!

Collaborate with local brands

Team up with local producers of booze-free drinks and add a dash of authenticity to your menu. Let customers explore a range of flavours that go beyond the usual bar selection.

In conclusion

As Dry January becomes a mainstream movement, businesses have a unique opportunity to cater to a growing market of individuals choosing a mindful approach to alcohol consumption. By embracing the trend and offering diverse, attractive non-alcoholic options, businesses can lead the way in creating a welcoming, inclusive environment for everyone. Cheers to a fresh start!