With Black Friday just around the corner, shoppers are gearing up to snag the best discounts and deals. According to Finder, Brits are expected to spend £3 billion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. Surprisingly, this event is not just for retail giants. Small businesses across the country can benefit from this shopping frenzy and boost their sales.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the current Black Friday and Cyber Monday statistics, and how small businesses can make the most of these events.


The latest Black Friday and Cyber Monday statistics

  • High Participation: An impressive 51% of UK adults are planning to participate in Black Friday weekend
  • Average spending: The average spend per person on Black Friday in 2023 is predicted to be £113
  • Gen Z Enthusiasm: 8 in 10 Brits from Gen Z are eager to join in, with an estimated average spend of £176
  • Regional Variances: London is expected to lead the pack, with approximately 68% of residents planning to spend during the weekend

These statistics showcase how big of an event Black Friday and Cyber Monday are, and it’s a prime opportunity for small businesses to tap into their consumer enthusiasm and boost their own sales.


How to make the most of Cyber Weekend

1. Plan ahead

To create a successful Black Friday campaign doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re a small business, you should start planning well in advance to ensure a smooth transition. The best way to approach Cyber Weekend is to create a detailed marketing plan, set clear goals, and establish a timeline that best suits your business and your promotions. This will help you stay organised and make the most of the opportunity.

Thinking ahead doesn’t just help you for Black Friday, it also lets you gear up for significant shifts. Take, for instance, the Buy Now Pay Later revolution – according to Forbes, services like Klarna & ClearPay saw an impressive 68% surge in 2022. With more customers expected to hop on this payment trend, it's crucial for your business to be equipped for these services online. Another game-changer to consider is the rise of Click & Collect. This nifty service not only spares customers from in-store queues but also skips the waiting game for deliveries. Click & collect has gained momentum year-on-year on Black Friday and is set to keep growing in 2023 (Tech Advisor).


2. Unique offers and discounts

You want to stand out against the crowd, and to do this you will want to create unique and attractive offers that your customers won’t be able to refuse. You could consider bundling products or services together to offer a pre-Christmas bundle, offer exclusive discounts, or provide freebies with every purchase. If you make your deals compelling to draw customers in, they will feel more inclined to choose your business over larger competitors.

Shoppers are anticipating hefty discounts of 20%, 30% or even 50% this Black Friday. Implementing and adjusting a discount is a breeze – it can be swiftly communicated through your website or email. However, a flat rate discount might not be a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to turnover or profit. Customers respond differently to price changes depending on the product so it’s crucial to tailor discounts based on their price elasticity. For instance, items with high price elasticity should boast higher discounts.


3. Leverage your online presence

To make the most out of Black Friday, you should consider your online presence as well as your physical. Updating your website with Black Friday / Cyber Weekend banners and promotions will optimise your online presence. Using social media, email marketing, and online advertising to reach a wider audience will keep customers informed about your black Friday deals.

If we dive into the Black Friday shopping scene, you’ll quickly realise that social media is the ultimate game-changer. According to a study by Salesforce, a whopping 76% of Cyber Week e-commerce traffic in 2022 came from mobile devices. Adding onto this, social media played an impressive role, driving nearly 10% of all referrals. These trends are not dying down any time soon. That’s why it’s crucial to fully embrace the power of social media marketing and overall online marketing strategies.


4. Customer retention

During Cyber Weekend, your sole focus shouldn’t just be on acquiring new customers but, it should be seen as an opportunity to retain your existing customers. A retained customer is much cheaper to market to than a new customer. Plus, they comprise around 80% of total custom, so keeping existing customers happy is a no-brainer. Offering loyalty rewards, special deals for repeat customers, and exclusive access to your promotions should keep your existing customers happy.

As well as this, the holiday season doesn’t just end on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. After the hectic rush, you should continue to engage with your customers. You could send thank you notes, ask for feedback, and offer follow-up promotions for the rest of the festive season to keep the relationship alive and ongoing.


Black Friday can be a significant sales opportunity for small businesses. By planning ahead, creating unique offers, and effectively marketing your business, you can make the most of this shopping extravaganza and set the stage for a successful holiday season. Remember, it's not just about the sales you make on Black Friday but also the lasting relationships you build with your customers.