Three achievable business goals to improve your company in 2017

Three achievable business goals to improve your company in 2017

In January, it’s traditional to set personal resolutions for the upcoming year. Whether it’s doing more exercise, spending less money or even giving up chocolate, people across the world try to stick to these goals to improve their lives over the next twelve months. If you’re an independent business owner, your company shouldn’t be treated any differently. Make this the year that you set some achievable business goals, and see how your company progresses in 2017.

Cut down on costs

There are many quick ways that your business can minimise daily running costs to achieve money saving business goals, but consider taking a look a look at the bigger picture. Use an online price comparison tool to see if your monthly electricity, phone or broadband charges could be reduced by moving to another supplier.

A cost that many small business owners don’t think to check is their card processing fees. If you’re paying over the odds for charges such as PCI DSS compliance or authorisation fees, you could save up to 50% by switching to Handepay. We even offer a Price Challenge, whereby if we can’t save your business money we’ll give you £500!

Broaden your horizons

It is important to include networking in your 2017 business goals, as it’s an easy way to build support for your business from other company owners. Consider joining a local business networking group, or even investing some money into a new tradeshow or exhibition. You never know what opportunities could arise from these events, with the possibility of new customers or even partnership ideas.

If you are unable to find a group in your area, or are unable to attend, why not look online? There are many forums for UK small businesses, with helpful advice and possible growth opportunities from other company owners across the country. Even joining in with discussions on Twitter can help with business ideas, look for hashtags relevant to your business and get tweeting!

Try something new

It is easy to fall into a rut with your business, if a particular approach is working you can be tempted to stick with it. However, there may be other areas or tactics you’ve not explored that could improve profits. Why not make this the year that your business goals include tackling social media marketing, or if you’ve collected enough data try creating some simple email campaigns?

Your business may perform well in-store and locally, but if you don’t have a successful web presence you are missing out on a wider audience. You may be concerned about the difficulty of web design, or the costs involved in purchases made over the internet, however it could be easier and cheaper than you think. We offer one of the most cost-effective payment gateway packages around, allowing you to accept card payments online with ease. Make 2017 the year your business goes online!