Small businesses are embracing diversity in the workforce

Small businesses are embracing diversity in the workforce

A new study has found that over half of UK small business owners are embracing diversity in the workforce.

The report, carried out by Aldermore, found that over 3 million UK businesses hired employees from a wide range of backgrounds, ages and ethnicities.

More than a third of all entrepreneurs surveyed claimed that they are focused on improving diversity in the workforce over the next twelve months. These companies are also willing to introduce changes to make their company more inclusive and accessible.

The most inclusive region in Britain was revealed to be London. This is not surprising, due to the high population rate and wide range of diverse talent in the job market.

It’s becoming increasingly important for small businesses to embrace diversity in the workforce. Almost two fifths of UK businesses stated that they’re more likely to do business with companies that are known for inclusive employment strategies.

Recruiting staff from a wide range of backgrounds can help your business to grow, thanks to their different experiences and skill sets.

Companies with diversity in the workforce have increased creativity and productivity. By hiring from a large number of sectors, you can use the opinions of different staff to run your company as efficiently as possible. You can also benefit from more views on different marketing and sales strategies, following on from different personal experiences.

It also creates an improved atmosphere during work hours. A diverse workforce is more inclusive, allowing employees to feel more relaxed. This is turn can lead to improved staff retention rates, and a higher percentage of long-serving staff.