Retailers who don’t take card payments online risk being left behind

Retailers who don’t take card payments online risk being left behind

Independent retailers who take card payments online are growing faster than those who don’t.

New research has found that independent businesses who provide their customers with a facility to shop online have a higher yearly growth than those who haven’t embraced e-commerce.

Independent businesses who don’t take card payments online saw their annual profits shrink last year. However, those with e-commerce websites experience a yearly growth of up to eight per cent.

Traditional high street businesses, such as florists and bakers, are benefitting the most from offering online payments. Last year, florists with both online and in-store payment options grew 8.34%, whereas florists who didn’t take card payments online faced a revenue decrease of 0.41%.

Surprisingly, independent businesses who take card payments online also benefitted from increased spending figures in-store. This can be attributed to a wider audience viewing their products online, but choosing to visit their shop to make a purchase.

Adding an e-commerce payment option to your business model is an affordable way to increase your customer base.

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