Monopoly switches to contactless payments

Monopoly switches to contactless payments

Well-known game Monopoly have switched their transaction method to a contactless payment machine.

Created in 1903, the premise of Monopoly hasn’t strayed from its original for over 100 years. Buying properties, collecting rent and avoiding time in jail has interested people around the world, voted the third most popular board game in 2013.

However, all that is set to change with the new ‘Ultimate Banking’ edition, due for release later this year. Rather than paying their way around the board using paper money, players will instead use the latest card payment technology: a contactless payment machine.

Now a standard method of payment in the UK, contactless allows a customer to pay without entering a PIN number, speeding up the payment process. The new version of Monopoly will enable this method of payment, allowing players to tap their ‘Monopoly playing cards’ onto a digital mini-reader to pay. Funds are automatically added and deducted into their playing accounts.

The inclusion of a contactless payment machine in such a well-known brand shows the extent to which it has been adopted as a payment normality. With the ability to pay for smaller purchases with card, and a decrease in customers carrying cash, contactless is now used for 10% of all transactions.

The updated version of Monopoly brings the same benefits of real-life contactless payments to gameplay. Faster payment times, a reduced level of fraud and the ability to easily calculate cash totals will make playing the game a more fair and speedy experience.

The new game was revealed on the same day as figures showed that the number of contactless transactions carried out passed the one billion mark. This total was recorded on Maestro and Mastercard in Europe during 2015, an increase of 150% on 2014’s totals.

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