How running a business blog can boost your sales

How running a business blog can boost your sales

If you’re questioning why companies spend time and money to keep their business blog constantly updated, you’re not alone! Many business owners wonder whether blogging can really improve their sales, and think that their time could be better spent doing something else. However, regularly updating a small business blog is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost your sales, without needing to spend much money!

How can a small business blog help my company?

One of the main benefits to blogging is to boost the search engine ranking position of your website. This improves the chances of potential customers finding you online, rather than a competitor. Search engines prefer up-to-date websites with regularly refreshed content, factoring the relevancy of content into their algorithms.  Rather than continuously making edits to a few main web pages, adding new blog posts is an easy way to keep your content fresh.

The more interesting and useful your business blog is, the more likely it is to generate inbound links from other websites. Alongside boosting your SERP ranking, these links will direct even more traffic to your website from relevant potential customers. Writing compelling content will encourage readers to share it, so ensure that you make it easy for them. Install quick and simple sharing buttons on your business blog – your posts could go viral!

Running a small business blog on your website is your opportunity to position yourself as an influential person in your industry. If you create factual and helpful blogs, your number of followers and views will grow. This is a great way to access free PR opportunities for your company and boost your brand, as popular business blog owners are often featured by journalists interviewing experts in their field.

Finally, running a blog for your business allows you to get a better understanding of your customer’s interests. Take a detailed look at your blog’s analytics and finding out which posts are the most popular, and adjust your stock and promotions accordingly. You may find a surprising subject matter is extremely popular, and improving your sales tactics can boost your profile further.

What should a business blog contain?

A business blog doesn’t have to consist entirely of news about your company and products. To maintain a steady readership of potential customers, you need to provide interesting and useful articles on a regular basis. Talking about topics that directly involve your reader is a good start, whether you’re providing useful advice regarding an upcoming change in your industry or providing a list of tips to help them solve a daily problem.

You can also try to lessen the amount of time spent on customer support by providing in-depth articles explaining some of your customers’ frequently asked questions. If you’re in an industry that uses a lot of acronyms or technical language, why not create a ‘jargon-buster’, putting commonly used phrases into easy-to-understand terms?

3 ways to improve your business blog:

  • Create a business blog plan and stick to it. If there are important events coming up either in your company or industry, make sure to write these posts ahead of time so that your blog can be relevant and up-to-date.
  • If you’re writing tutorials, think about including diagrams, photographs or infographics. Not only will this make the content easier to read, sharing images on social media makes posts more attractive, possibly increasing your reach.
  • Adding a call to action in your business blog to transform it into a lead generation tool. Use phrases like ‘click here’ or ‘apply now’ to encourage your reader to carry out those tasks immediately, thanks to their instructive tone.