Louise Martin works at Apex Motor Services Ltd, a car repair garage in Burnley. Established in 1993, Apex Motor Services offers everything from MOT, air conditioning and servicing to repairs and Hunter 4-wheel alignment.

Louise took part in the Handepay Price Challenge and was delighted to discover that she was already on a great deal for her card processing services. 

‘I look after the day-to-day running of the garage; I’m secretary, book-keeper, front-of-house, you name it! Our contract was due for renewal, so we thought that we would shop around and investigate other providers. I used a price comparison site online which brought up some reputable card machine providers, and then Handepay contacted me from there.

The whole process was surprisingly easy - we went through a similar exercise with the electricity a few months ago and that seemed to drag on, but with the Handepay Price Challenge, the whole thing was so simple. Apart from a couple of phone calls, everything was done over email with our advisor, which meant that I could have everything in front of me and it didn’t disrupt my working day. I could take phone calls and deal with customers rather than spend a long time on the phone or in a meeting. My advisor was knowledgeable and very helpful throughout the process.

I was really pleasantly surprised when Handepay called to say that we had beaten the £1000 Price Challenge and that we would be receiving our £1000 payment later that week! I would encourage any business to take on the challenge – it’s a win-win situation! We will be investing the £1000 back into the business so this has really helped us.’


Apex Motor Services Team at garage