With over 24 years of experience in the florist industry, Sharon opened Lily Pots in the heart of Wath Upon Dearne, Rotherham in 2002.

Since opening, Sharon had been with the same card acquiring provider for 18 years and was more than happy with their services. But after the card machine started to slow down and finding how much she was paying overall, Sharon realised that it was time to find a new provider.

“When I first set up Lily Pots, people paid a lot more with cash. Then, as soon as card payments started to become more popular, I needed a card machine to move with the times. For 18 years I was quite happy with my previous provider, but then I started to struggle with picking up signal, slow systems and I noticed charges going up. So I knew I had to look around.”

“Once you start searching you can get a lot of sales calls from different providers, which can become a nuisance, then you go back to using the old machine as a cover blanket. But Jo (my business development manager from Handepay), was in the area and happened to walk in. She was like a fairy godmother!”

Lily Pots sorting flowers and Handepay Card Machine“I had an idea in the back of my mind of how much I was paying my previous provider, but I didn’t realise how much I could save if I moved. So, it was quite a shock when I heard that I could save over £50 month by switching through Handepay.”

“I have a few elderly customers who come into Lily Pots on a regular basis, but as I have stairs, they would struggle to get to the till for payments. If I wanted to take my previous card machine to them, I would have to unplug the whole unit which would drain the battery in minutes. Along with that, the signal would continue to drop, and I would have to hold it up to the window to get it working!”

Owner of Lily Pots Florist


"Now that I have the Saturn Android Smart Terminal, I can take it off the stand and bring it to my customers without the battery draining and the signal stays strong. Other advantages include the next banking day settlement, I can scroll back and see what I’ve taken for that day without needing to print receipts and how much quicker it is for me and my customers.”

“Since I received the Saturn Android Smart Terminal, other florists in the area have been asking about it, with many taking an interest. Because of this, I recommended names of the florists for Jo to visit in the area.”

“As for the set up I had the option to do it myself, but Jo said she would come back and help. I was worried that I would press the incorrect thing or set up the terminal wrong, even with instructions I wasn’t 100% sure. So having someone there like Jo to go over it all was brilliant.”

“Something I was impressed by was the support throughout from Handepay. After signing I received a courtesy call to make sure everything was okay, even sending me details to contact if I ever have any queries or issues.”

“Overall, everything just went smoothly, and the process was much easier and quicker than I thought it would be. My journey with Handepay from initial contact to receiving the Saturn Android Smart terminal has just been brilliant!”


Saturn Android Smart Terminal only available through a terminal hire contract arranged by Handepay, see financial disclaimer below for more information.

*In most cases Handepay will cover your costs for switching from your current acquirer to EVO Payments UK, arranged through Handepay. Terms and conditions apply please visit www.handepay.co.uk/merchant-accounts/looking-to-switch for details.