Looking for a quieter lifestyle, Hannah Getley and her partner Adrian left their jobs in the film industry to open The Bigbury Beach Shop. They took over the shop March 2016, and selling a wide variety of beach goods, souvenirs and art pieces.

Based in a remote location right on the seafront, it’s vital that the shop offers a range of card payment solutions to avoid losing sales:

“I wasn’t happy with our previous card terminal supplier’s payment solution; our bills were high and customer service was poor. The card machine was very fragile and broke on a really busy day. Our provider wasn’t very helpful, and we couldn’t take payments for days.

Dealing with Handepay was painless and from the initial conversation I felt as though they cared about me and my business. When my advisor analysed our statements, we realised that we were being charged for lots of hidden extras. Fees such as PCI DSS compliance charges were being added to our bill each month, and we had no idea!

Our advisor informed me that we’d save a huge 35% on our card payment solutions by switching to Handepay. What’s more, they even provided us with over £200 to cover the switching fees. Saving £165 per month is really helpful for a small business in such early stages!”