Shahzad Khadam owns MH Supermarket, a convenience store in Luton. Shahzad took part in the Handepay Price Challenge and was thrilled to learn that he was already on a great deal.

“Since we took over the store thirteen years ago, we’ve always accepted card payments. They’re important to our bottom line. People pop into our store to pick up essentials, if we didn’t accept cards we could miss out on sales.

When our Handepay advisor told me about the Price Challenge, I was initially sceptical. A lot of businesses make bold claims and you do wonder if they ever follow through on their promises.

Shazhad receiving a cheque for £1,000 from his Handepay advisor.I’m always cautious with my financial information and didn’t know if sending my statements over would be risky. However, my advisor reassured me that it was totally secure, explaining why they were required.

My advisor put me at ease, and I felt confident in taking part in the Price Challenge. He knew the merchant services industry inside out and seemed genuinely interested in helping my business to save money.

I thought I was on a good deal, but I decided that it was worth taking part. There’s no harm in trying to get a better deal, you always want to know if you can save money as a business owner.

It was a really simple process and didn’t take much effort on my part. He looked at the statements I had, and when I received a new one in the post a few days later I sent that across to him too.

He sent it to Handepay’s dedicated pricing team, who analysed my bills and tried to make me a saving. Once they determined that I was on a great deal, I was contacted by Handepay who told me that I had beaten the Price Challenge.

I was surprised when I got the call, receiving £1,000 unexpectedly is always great news!

As a business owner, you always want to make sure that you’re getting the best deal from your providers. There’s no way of knowing whether you’re on the best deal until you carry out a comparison like this.

I would recommend that other business owners take the Handepay Price Challenge. It’s a win-win situation. You’re either going to save money or receive £1,000!

What have you got to lose?”