Established in 2010, Bo-Belles is a charming and unique children’s boutique based in Leek, Staffordshire.

The boutique specialises in quality clothing and accessories for babies and children up to 11 years. Their individually sourced range means that no two items are the same, allowing customers to purchase something unique as well as receiving excellent personal customer service.

Bo-Belles’ owner, Susanna Bell, tells us how The Handepay Referral Scheme has really paid off, helping her to make improvements to her business.

“Most of my customers choose to pay by card so it’s really important that I have a reliable card payment provider. I was visited by a really down-to-earth and honest advisor who demonstrated the impressive savings I could make by switching to Handepay. I’ve now been with Handepay for four years and my monthly card processing bills have reduced a considerable amount compared to my previous provider.

The Handepay referral scheme has really made a difference. Since I joined I’ve earned £550 in referral payments from recommending other local businesses and as a result I bought a lovely dresser for the shop to display my Jellycat soft toy range on! 

Our accredited advisor is a pleasure to work with and I have received great customer service from Handepay. I’m always on the lookout for businesses to recommend to Handepay so that they too can benefit from low rates and great customer service, and I also get rewarded in the process!”