Fadez Barbers has been trading for nine years and is now one of the main barbers in Nelson, specialising in faded hairstyles. Owner, Isaac Hayat, is so happy with his card machine price he uses the Handepay Referral Scheme to refer other business owners:

“I first heard about Handepay through my advisor, who is also a customer in my shop. He noticed that a lot of customers were returning to pay me in cash because I didn’t have a card machine. He informed me of the low rates and savings that Handepay could offer and I signed up straight away! There are five other barber shops in the area and mine is the only one that accepts card payments. My customers have told me that this makes me stand out from the competition.

My advisor told me about the Handepay Referral Scheme and that I was able to get £50 for every successful referral I make. When people are sitting in the chair it’s a natural environment for people to talk about their private life or their work so I get to find out a lot about my customers. Due to the industry I’m in I get a lot of small business owners coming into my shop, so it’s an ideal opportunity to tell them about Handepay and the savings that they too can be making by switching.

The process is really simple, all I need to do is send their information through the Handepay website and when the business signs up, I get my cheque in the post within a week.

I have been very happy with the overall service from my advisor and Handepay. The money I have received from using the referral scheme has helped towards paying for my card machine. If I continue to get referrals, I will basically get my card machine for free!”